Editing DataSet from pop up

I am trying to add a row and data to a data set from a pop up window. The popup window has input fields intended to be the data for each column of the row. I am able to write a script the works in the same window, but I’d really like it to work with the pop-up. My table is a column of strings and a column of floats and is named “Heat_Draws”

First, here is my code that works in the same window via a button. There isn’t anything fancy and no binding for data entry.

table = event.source.parent.getComponent('Heat_Draws')
lastRow = table.data.rowCount
table.data = system.dataset.addRow(table.data, lastRow,['',0])

Now, when I try to move this to a pop-up, the first thing I did was bind the “Heat_Draws”.data to a custom property called “Temperatures” in the root container. Also, I am passing as a parameter the window path of the parent window (the one that has the “Heat_Draws” table) to the popup as a string called ‘CallingWindow’. The code ends up looking like this:

#Grab information from input fields on the popup
zone = event.source.parent.getComponent('Dropdown').selectedStringValue
setpoint = event.source.parent.getComponent('Setpoint Field').floatValue

#Using the CallingWindow parameter that was passed into the pop-up to get the Custom Property in the
#root contatiner of the parent window
window = system.gui.getWindow(event.source.parent.CallingWindow)
rootContainer = window.rootContainer

#Gets data set of table from parent window
dataSet = rootContainer.Temperatures
lastRow = dataSet.rowCount

#assign variable as new row data
newRow = [str(zone), setpoint]
#what I think is supposed to add the new row with the correct data
rootContainer.Temperatures = system.dataset.addRow(dataSet, lastRow, newRow)


I do not get any errors when trying this code in runtime or designer, but my datatable in the parent windows remains unchanged. When I use the print function in various places in the code, the output console shows information I would expect. It just seems the data doesn’t get back to the parent window.

I pasted your code and got it to work.
So a question, is the “Heat_Draws” table binded to a SQL query or a tag?


The table is not binded to a SQL Query or Tag

I guess the one thing I left out was that the table was inside a container. Not the Root Container. But I just tried moving the table to the Root Container and it didn’t help. It’s like the data isn’t getting back to the calling window.

Never mind, I found the issue! And I’m kind of embarrassed…I had forgotten to set the Bidirectional setting on my parent window. So my custom property was getting the data, but it wasn’t getting to the table itself.