Editing Dataset through Table Component in Vision

Hello Everyone,
I need to store recipe names in ignition without SQL, User should be able to change the recipe name, What would be the right approach to do this? I created a dataset tag in vision client with Recipe ID and Recipe name and displayed that in table component. Now I want to edit name column, I am able to edit that but I want to make that change into dataset as well. I need to do this as I want to read same dataset at different windows.
Let me know your thoughts or even if there is a better way to do it.

The right way to do this is a database.

Even if you get this working, what happens to your dataset if two users are making modifications to recipes at the same time? What happens to your recipes if Ignition goes down for some reason?

Databases give you atomicity and fault tolerance (and a host of other benefits). If you don’t want to pay for one, use MariaDB or Postgres. If you don’t want a ‘full’ RDBMS, use SQLite.


@PGriffith What about for Ignition edge though? You’re a bit stuffed there and if you want the same app (or for the edge one to be incorporaded into a central standard igntion) for both edge and standard, dataset tag is the only option. Luckily I don’t use edge much but this is definitely one of the major reasons we don’t.
Also, I imagine not having access to recipes if ignition is down wouldn’t be an issue. If ignition is down, the operators have no interface anyway so moot point :grin: