Editing Dynamic Table


I want to set up a table with columns and rows that change dynamically with user input, and I want the table to always be editable.

Since columns are being added and removed dynamically, I can’t easily go in and check the “editable” cell in every column which is added, and the Column Attributes Data doesn’t seem to be consistently updating itself to include rows for each new column that is added or removed.

Is there a way to set the default mode for every column on a table to “editable”?


The power table has an isEditable extension function.

Oh! Just saw that. Thanks jpark!

The column attributes dataset is never written automatically in the client. The designer's table customizer replaces it completely every time, using just the columns present at that time. You can manually edit it to have whatever you want, covering any set of column names you want. Just don't use the customizer after that.

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Good to know, thanks! Always helpful, pturmel.