Editing floating point numbers with fancy controls


I need to edit some floating point numbers for a refridge system. I would have liked to use the spinner, with a click up or down equating to +/- 0.1 deg C. It does not appear to support negative numbers however…

Then… I decided the slider control might work as well. However, it does work with negative numbers but does not appear to support deical places (0.1)…

Am I correct? Can I use these fancy controls for adjusting by +/- 0.1 setpoints?


STOP PRESS, have sorted this one myself. The spinner needed to be set to double and the minimum reduced eblow zero.


You’re welcome :wink:

Glad you got it figured out.

Old topic, but just for info, I also needed to set the display format to include the decimal e.g. #,##0.0 for this to work. The default is set to #,##0 and despite setting to Double and an increment of 0.1, it won’t work until you change format.

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