Editing OPC path using system.tag.editTag

I am trying to use the system.tag.editTag function to modify the OPC path when a button is pressed when this action is done I get an error in published environment and does not work. Any suggestions or corrections?

system.tag.editTag(tagPath="[default]Motor_FVNR_HOA_0", attributes={“OPCItemPath”:"[LOD_W_CRUSH_TCC]S1_Area_Cntl.Pomace_Incline2.PV_HOA"})

Without being able to see the actual error, I’m guessing Client Permissions located in the Project’s Properties is preventing you from editing your tags on the Client. Specifically, Tag Editing

Enable Tag Editing, and the clients should be able to run your script.

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Just a heads up, this will also work, assuming proper permissions and stuff


Client permissions were the issue, Thank you for your time!

Nice ! I was not aware of that.