Editing Perspective Styles in v8.1.27 Slower than before?

Editing P. Styles when you have Views open has always been slow, but in v8.1.27 it seems even slower :confused:
I only have 2 very simple Views open (maybe 15-20 components all up, half of them are flex containers, the others are labels, but it takes 30s to save... The last I heard, the CSS styling has to be reapplied to the opened Views, but that efforts would be made to make this a background process instead of a foreground hold-up.

This is all I have open:

If only the top "Replenishment" is open, it takes 13s - still absurdly long

I'm curious (and hopeful) to see if 8.1.28 will help any with this, because the jxbrowser upgrade finally landed. That may be the blocking part here. If it doesn't, I'll probably ask you to send in your project to support so we have a 'real world' test case to benchmark against.

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This will fix the reported Mac unexpected designer terminations?