Editing project permissions

Hi everyone!

I was playing with the project permissions to understand how they work, so I set these roles, and I did it with a user having the Developer role.

Then I logged in with another user, having the View and Modify roles. If I try to change any of the roles, I get the following warning…Why is that?


It looks like you might have 'Developer ' with a space or similar. Did you try deleting the whole field and adding Developer again?

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with spaces. I tested this functionality on my own many times while I was waiting for some answers and I think I figured it out.
The warning seems to be related to the roles of the logged in user. When in Project → Permissions you enter at least one role in one of the fields, it must be a role you’ve been assigned to, otherwise you get the red X on the right and if you press Apply, the warning I posted pops up.