Editing Themes, what is the update trigger?

I am working on overriding theme css (including dropdown options height from this post)… When is the gateway or perspective session loading the newly update css rules? TIA

Try clicking File -> Update Project or click this button to merge changes from the gateway.

If you still don’t see changes after clicking the update button a few times, try closing the view you’re working on and reopening it.

Not sure about the update project button, but in the designer you can get the modified css to show by changing the theme and then then changing it back. No need to save between changing. I simply add a space at the end of the theme value, click off of it to set it, then remove the space. It would be nice if there was a more intuitive and simple way :person_shrugging:

In a client you’ll need to refresh the browser F5

None of these things seem to work for me.
The only way I found to trigger a refresh is to restart the gw. Which is far from ideal.

What's what:

  • 8.1.17 (this can't be changed for now)
  • dockerized ignition
  • volume on {install_folder}/data
  • bind mount on {install_fodler}/data/modules/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/themes So I can edit things more easily.
  • Here's what I have in the themes folder:
{builtin folders}
custom-light (folder)
    - index.css
    - variables.css
{builtin css}
  • custom-light.css:
@import "./light/index.css";
@import "./custom-light/index.css";

Modifications to custom-light/variables.css don't appear on the project/gateway until I actually reboot the gateway or the container.
How can I fix that ?
I thought that maybe folders aren't automatically refreshed, and since cutsom-light.css, which references things, wasn't modified, the gateway doesn't pull my modifications.
But I tried to change it a little bit, and nothing happened.

How do I use themes without having to restart my gateway every time I edit something ?

Given your "what's what" constraints, probably nothing. Restart your gateway after editing your themes.

But have you tried restarting just the Perspective module?

This I had not tried. It does work. Better than restarting the whole gateway.

What in my setup would prevent themes from updating more easily ?

Newer versions of Ignition have project-specific stylesheets, reducing the need to put all oddball CSS in your themes. In particular, you can use the project stylesheets to test the CSS you eventually want to have site-wide, but without disrupting other projects in the meantime.

Well, anyway, I just learned that I won't have access to the machine were ignition is installed for this specific project, so I guess the whole thing is moot.
I'll have to, well... use the old barbaric ways.