EditPlus Syntax File for Ignition

Hi Guys

If you are like me and love EditPlus for all text editing and coding, perhaps you might prefer to write your Ignition scripts using EditPlus and have all the syntax highlighting ready for Ignition.

Well, Here I’m attaching the Syntax file.

I modified a Python syntax file made by Peter Anderson an added all Ignition-specific functions and constants.

I hope you may find it useful.

Best Regards
PythonIgnition.zip (4.93 KB)

Thank you.

Is there a similar plug In for notepad++?

I don’t know. I am not familiar to Notepad++
Sorry. 8)

No worries - can I use your EditPlus file as a starting point for NotePad++?

Yes Sure!

I’m glad it can be helpful.

Best regards.

Would like that NotePad++ file if possible when you get it done. :prayer:

Pretty basic but here’s a starter for 10
notepad++ ignition.zip (4.56 KB)

Maybe this should get split into another topic. Just to keep thing straight and (hopefully) easy to find. :smiley:


Will take a look soon.