Edits to UDT Tag script not making it to all clients?

I made changes to a UDT Tag Change Event script 24 hours ago. I was able to see this change’s effects on almost all of the browsers/machines we have here. The problem is that there are 2 machines out of 27 that are still seem running the change script in its old pre-edited mode if that makes sense?

Does anyone know how this might be happening?

Look for an override on those instances scripts. (I anyone edited an instance script, that tag won’t use the script from the definition any more.)

Over the weekend I realized we had several duplicate UDT Tags. It looked like a Folder of Tags had been copied and pasted. It was these copied Tags that were causing problems as scripts that processed data were running twice. After I remove the copied Folder, and the duplicate Tags, scripts etc, things went back to normal and were working correctly. Fast Forward to today and there are 2 clients that look as if they still have the copied Tags. It’s as if the deleted copies are somehow still in place on these 2 machines.

Sorry for the delayed response. I got caught up in other stuff for a day.

Anyway, in regards to (is the Tag instance script overriding the definition?) It’s odd because when I look at the instance script it appears that it is overriding the definition (see red arrow below)

However, when I open the script’s instance it looks like it is NOT overriding the definition. See pic below

Does this make sense to anyone?

I have seen similar things happen when tags within UDT instances have been updated or modified by a script, particularly if that script is using system.tag.getConfiguration() to get tag info, then system.tag.configure() to write properties back to said tag. Since system.tag.getConfiguration() will return any tag property that is not set to the “default” value as defined by Inductive, you will often get a lot of properties in each tag object it returns (including event scripts). If system.tag.configure() were called to write those tag properties back to the tag, the UDT instance will show those properties as being overridden, despite their values not necessarily being any different from the UDT’s definition. I would just simply click the green bubble in the tag editor and click OK or APPLY to un-override the value and allow it to inherit from the UDT definition again.

We’re not using system.tag.getConfiguration() or system.tag.configure() but. . . I’ve unchecked (what seems to be a false override) option on this tag, will watch it a while and see how it behaves.