EditTag example for modifying alarm properties?

I need a little help with understanding edittag function…specifically the alarmList and alarmConfig parameters.

My workflow overall is this:
-Get Alarm properties (done)
I am able to use the getAlarmProperties() to recieve the property names and property values.
-Modify those properties (done)
I am able to modify the properties in a table on screen
-Save new alarm properties to tag. (not done)
I need to save the contents of the table to the tag alarms.

It looks like the editTag function is expecting a string for the alarm list, but a dictionary for the alarm configuration. I am not sure how to make the syntax to get the function to work.

How do I get this alarm property table into the editTag() function?

You might have a better time using the editAlarmConfig function. It’s got a fairly unusual syntax of arguments; basically, you pass a list of tagpaths, then a dictionary with a key for each alarm to be modified, and a list of alarm properties to change, which itself is another list - a three item set of the property name, the identifier that you’re changing its “Value”, and the new value that you’re going to set it to.

[code]#Build a list of tag paths. Only a single tag will be altered, so create a list of one item and store the list in a variable
tagPaths = [“sensors/B3:0”]

#Build the dictionary of alarm names, and properties to change.
alarmConfig = {“High Temp”:[[“name”,“Value”,“Low Temp”],[“setpointA”,“Value”,“100”]]}

#Edit the alarm configuration.
system.tag.editAlarmConfig(tagPaths, alarmConfig)[/code]

docs.inductiveautomation.com/di … larmConfig

So I try to do the command, but it isn’t working and I don’t have any feedback as to why.

Just so that I understand correctly, does the syntax on the alarmConfig look correct?

This is based on the data in the table above.

My goal is to change setpointA in “Alarm” to 2.0.

alarmConfig = {"Alarm":[["setpointA","Value","2.0"]]}

tagPath = "[default]TagContainingAlarm]"

system.tag.editAlarmConfig(tagPath, alarmConfig)

Edited to add: I found the issue. I was trying to send tagPath as a string instead of a list.

Thank you for your help!