Either need computer username (Not Ignitions), or the ability to provide credentials in shortcut/link


I need one of the following two things, and thus far, have not found any answers:

  1. I need to be able to retrieve the username that was used to login to the computer that the project is running on (not the username used to login to the project itself).


  1. I need to be able to specify a username and password in the link/shortcut so that it auto login’s with those credentials.

Here’s the reasoning:

I have several dashboards that I’ve created for displaying on TVs/Monitors mounted on the wall in various locations. For the “kiosks,” I need them to auto login so that when they are powered on, they don’t need to be touched to start displaying the data. BUT, if anyone else on the network open’s these projects, they need to be logged in with SSO.

Currently, SSO is setup and working, and for the kiosks, I’m logging in using an Ignition account (SSO fails over to a user DB). But I need to be able to automate this process so that I do not have to manually log in to each kiosk remotely, and log them into their respective ignition projects.

If I use the auto-login, then I can’t use SSO, and Ignition will only report the Ignition username, so I can’t use it to control who has access to what. Not everyone in the AD needs the same access (or even access at all).

Does anyone have any thoughts or answers?

This one is easy:

from java.lang import System

You’ll have to watch out for what scope you execute this in, however. Executed in gateway scope will always give you the user the gateway is running on, while executing in the client/designer will give you the user of the computer it was launched on.

You can also use the System tag [System]Client/User/OSUsername (as long as you’re in a Vision client scope).

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