Elapsing a timer for a change in the UDT tag value

Hi ,

I would like to have timer tag in UDT whenever the value of a UDT tag changes as 1. And resets whenever the tag changes to 0.
Literally I need the timestamp of udt tag whenever value changes which is very much possible in the normal tag.

Thanks in advance

Hello Dharani_T!
Can you clarify on what you were trying to achieve? or provide more details to your set up?

From what I can understand, you can configure a sibling expression tag on the UDT to display the timestamp when your 2nd tag changes from 0 to 1. Does that work for you?
The expression tag can do a tag binding to which you point to the 2nd tag’s timestamp. The binding would look similar to this: {[~]aClock/count.Timestamp} where [~]aClock/count is the sibling tag