Electrical Drawing Software

Other then AutoCad Electrical from (AutoDesk) can someone recommend an easy to learn electrical drawing CAD software?

I build a lot of different panel ( almost all have VFD's and PLCs). I need something that is easy to learn but yet has the power for me to create new symbols.

I don't mind paying but none of our equipment is for sale so professional drawings or really just options for us, but I would like to do the best I can.

Visio isn't too bad if you're using windows. I've made quite a few electrical diagrams with it over the years. Also, it allows saving to pdf format.

I've seen some buzz around SkyCAD, but I haven't tried it out myself yet.

Have a look at this. It's subscription based and not cheap but you can run the trial version for 30 days and then you lose the professional features but can still make edits. It supports both European and American drawing styles.

Eplan might be worth looking at.

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Well, there are n numbers of Electrical drawing software available on the internet for electrical drawing. Some of them which are the most popular and reputed are QCAD, KiCAD, LibreCAD and Electra E8. Choosing any on in between one of them depends on your requirements and complexity ofprojects.

One thing about EPlan, while it produces reasonable drawings .. their website has no mention of price. You have to request a quote. That makes me suspicious about the cost.

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions.

I have Autocad Electrical 2017 now, but I don't use it much and eveytime I do it's a new learning curve.

I'm going to give SkyCad Electrical a try, will post when I have a opinion.

Last time I checked, ePlan was about £5K.

AutoCad Electrical is awful.

I use ePlan.

Visio is a useful tool especially in Windows. We have used Visio for Electrical diagrams and network architecture diagrams.

BricsCAD is used a lot for schematics. It's basic 2D CAD, so it doesn't auto label wires or anything, but you can still make schematics with it. And it's cheap. It would be a good fit for machines. There are addons you can buy or even make them yourself for some quick tools that make things go faster.

For more features and tools, I prefer Solidworks Electrical to AutoCAD Electrical. It was built on a more modern architecture and the overall feel of the software seems more cohesive.

Circuit Diagram - A Circuit Diagram Maker (circuit-diagram.org)


Untitled | Visual Paradigm Online (visual-paradigm.com)

both free

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