Electronic Signatures and Change Management

Have a potential project to migrate an iFix system to Ignition but there is a feature in iFix that will need to be duplicated. Electronic Signature and Change Management does anyone know if there is an add-on module already developed for ignition?

Before an action is performed (i.e. set-point change) the performer must provide his/her user name and password and optional comment than a verifier (someone else) must do the same before the action can be performed.

All this has to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.


I also searching for this answer, what I found there is not kind of module for the esign. Think, that is the way to make your own pop up window, with the esign login form, on some event of changing the value of tag. Good thing there is the option which you can enable it, for tracking and storing, all events from operator side in an SQL database

Why is it necessary to log credentials before making changes? A user shouldn’t be able to make changes unless they are logged in and auditing keeps track of the changes they made. All of this is already at your finger tips.

The requirement is for two separate users to confirm the specific action:

This can be accomplished easily with a custom popup window as suggested by @rodoljub.ivanovic. If you don’t need to confirm two credentials or reconfirm one before taking the action, auditing as you suggest could be a good solution.

Here is the link of GE IFIX solutions for esign: https://www.ge.com/digital/documentation/ifix/version61/Subsystems/ESIG/content/esig_examining_the_electronic_signature_dialog_box.htm
The link from @jmonter is broken.

Gotcha, I missed the part on a separate verification.