Email Alarms coming from Factorytalk View SE Alarm Server

I have a FTView SE application running and want to use Ignition 8.1 to send an email notification to some people when a few different alarms are enabled. I figured out how to make this work (sorta) using the designer by looking directly at the PLC. Is there a way to make an alarm trigger off of a Factorytalk View SE alarm? And is there a way to do this without using the designer? I’m preparing this for a project and the customer isn’t buying a Designer license.


That’s not really an option. Do you mean a Vision or Perspective license?

I didn’t quite understand how the licensing works. I thought you needed a license for the designer but i was actually thinking about the vision/perspective modules (which we won’t have licenses for). I actually had it set up correctly the whole time and thought it was wrong. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the reply!