Email alert not working

I have configured Distribution List Email Notification, pls find the attached document.
I have put alert in one of my sql tag ( any change happens to send alert ).
It is not working.

Please help.

Do you have problem with Ignition 7.1.0.

The Distribution List Email Notification creates three tables in your SQL database, one for groups, one for contacts and one for mapping contacts to groups. Have you configured any groups, contacts and mappings? If so, please post the expressions of the groups.

We have configured groups, but i am unable to create expressions for the group .

Please help us, how to create expression and assign to the alerts.

Here take a look at the following article to see the syntax of the expressions and a couple of examples,

Just disregard the FactorySQL references as that was our legacy product. The syntax of the expressions is still the same. You can also look at the legacy documentation for this,

We still haven’t updated the docs for Ignition yet.

I am getting the email alert based on (PDT) Pacific Daylight Time. I need to get email alert based on Indian Standard Time (IST). I have configured in the Ignition Designer but it is not working.

Please help me out.

What is the timezone on the server machine running the Ignition Gateway? How about the SMTP server?

The server is running in Indian Time Zone.

The smtp server is from “Yahoo”

When you log into the configuration section of the Gateway, does it correctly report the timezone as Indian Time Zone? If so, I’d try a different SMTP server.

I have changed the timezone in my project. The time in alert console which is producing from my project is exactly matching with timings. And in notification i am using SMTP SERVER as I am getting all the mails through this notification. But the subject timing i am getting it as PDT …If i want to change it in IST standard timing, what i can do…

Or can you give me some SMTP SERVER and port which shows IST standard timing. Please help me in finding SMTP SERVER.

I’m sorry, exactly what time is not displaying in IST? The time in the subject of the email? This indicates that your Gateway is not running in IST.

Hi all!!!
Have spent the entire day to figure out how to send email notifications with Ignition (7.8)
Have done all the steps in Alarming (notification profile, rosters). Have also tested the SMTP profile from Email settings. It worked fine at last, but no notifications are sent when alarm is generated. No console errors also.
I have figured out, that there is also tool called Alarm Notification Pipeline and i can create the pipeline for alarms to be sent.
At last, i have a console message that trial has expired. So i see my licence is limited. So no email sending capability from limited licences?

Thank you!

You can definitely send email with a limited license.

What version of 7.8 are you using? There were some issues using the SMTP profile with alarm emails until 7.8.3

We are using 7.8.3 (b2016061017) | 64-bit currently. So have i to update it?

Thank you!

I don’t see any changes in 7.8.4 that would affect this, so I don’t think upgrading will solve your issue.

I would try turning the following loggers to trace and see how far your alarm email is getting:

  • AlarmNotificationManager
  • SMTP

If you can’t see the issue from the log messages, call in to support – sometimes resolving email issues can be tricky, because the email gets set to the SMTP server, which rejects it but doesn’t report back a helpful reason for the rejection.