Email Alert: Was mail sent?

Ignition 7.5.7

I created an Alert Storage Profile, an Alert Notification Profile, Groups, Contacts, Group-Contact assignment, etc. and believe the system is ready to send alerts. I have a Group defined with an Expression of ‘1’ which I believe should always evaluate to true. It is ‘Valid?’ whatever that means.

I added alerting to a memory tag, changed the value to generate an alert.

The alert shows up in the Alert Console, the Alert Summary, and the alert_log table but the email has not been received. I looked at the System Console, and the wrapper.txt, but could not find any mention that an email had been sent (or failed to send).

How do I prove that the email was sent? I need to know now, during setup, but also need to be able to prove that an email was queued (or not) if an alert is not received in the future and something bad happens.

Also, is there any “retry” strategy for email? If an alert is not accepted by the email server, is it resent" How do I know it was not accepted by the email server, so that I know to check Ignition, connectivity, and the email server?

on the gateway webpage go to console then levels, and set your alerting.notification* logs to debug. This will essentially log all of the transactions into the logger/logs.

these settings revert back after a reboot. what I do is setup an account that receives all alerts, so that I can have a record of who should have received what.

additionally, we have setup some monitoring on an email inbox and send a specialized email every 30 minutes just to verify that emails are going out as they should. That lets us sleep at night knowing that emails are going out as they should.

Thanks for the post!

The “email log” account and “scheduled email” are both great ideas.

I talked to Greg at IA and he said that if the email had not been accepted by the server, an error would have been logged.

I finally figured out that the email was being sent, but was being routed to a folder based on an email server rule I had forgotten about. I suspect that setting the alerting.notification level to debug on the console would have pointed me in the right direction much faster.