Email alerts returning with unique error message

Running FSQL 4.2.7 - To the best of my knowledge there was no configuration changes that occured in FSQL. In the past if a PLC stopped communications I would be notified via an email alert. During a recent issue where the PLC’s lost communications due to a wire being accidentially pulled I received no such email responces. Now when I go into FSQL and I click on the TEST to test send an email, I get the following unique message:

Unable to connect - The servers responce was 5.7.1 - Unable to relay for

So can you tell me what this error message means? The email address and configuration are all still valid, or at least I am told this is the case.

Thanks and have a great day.

It sounds like something might have changed in your email server.

When you hit ‘test’, FactorySQL just tries to send a simple message (body of ‘test’) to that address. That error is your mail server saying that you’re not allowed to send to that address.

So, that alone doesn’t mean that you’re emails won’t work. It’s fair for email servers to not allow messages to outside addresses, in which case the test would fail, but other alert messages to local accounts would work. HOWEVER, if you were able to test successfully in the past, it indicates that there was a change in security policies on the server, and that could indicate that your other addresses are being blocked as well. Messages in the error log might show this.

So, summed up, sounds like the security on the mail server has changed. I would check there.


This is one of the big symptoms of IT disallowing the “Open SNMP relay” option (which is a security vulnerability) on a mail server. On the client side this just means that you need a username/password and to correctly set the port and use SSL/TLS options (in FactorySQL this is under the Alerting settings).