Email Notification block consolidation

Hi all,
I have a doubt about the Notification Block consolidation
Delay (sec)= 15 seconds
Frequency (sec)= 60 seconds

Alarm 1 enters the pipeline and has to wait for 15 seconds to be sent
Alarm 2 enters the pipeline 5 seconds after Alarm 1
Alarm 3 enters the pipeline 10 seconds after Alarm 1

1.So after 15 seconds these three alarms get sent together as one email notification right?

2.In the Ignition User manual ,it is stated that “Once an alarm has been sent,whether it was a consolidated notification or not, the notification block will wait for a frequency number of seconds (in this case 60 seconds before it can send another email”.I don’t quite understand this statement…Does this mean that 60 seconds after the first email notification was sent another email with the same information as the first email will be sent again?