Email Notification changes

Hello again

I’ve made some tables on the client that allow an administrator to change email addresses, groups etc,

I’ve noticed that there is a delay, not sure how long, but exceeding 5 minutes in writing the new values to the tables and the change being implemented.

Basically if I make the change and then set an alarm, the email will not go to the new address or person straight away.

Is there a script I can add to a button to force the update?


Where is the data from the tables being written? A SQL database?


I’m writing back to the default “alert_distro_contacts”, “alert_distro_groups” & “alert_distro_gc_map” tables

I’m not sure how often these update in the gateway and if it can be triggered.

What I’d like to do is, during a demo, on a client screen, type in a clients email, set an alarm and see him receive that email in seconds.

That’s the plan


Writing to those tables should be instant. Every time an alert occurs we query the tables for the groups and contacts because they could have changed. We don’t cache the data in Ignition.

Are you seeing the information update in the database immediately? If not, it is possible your database is performing poorly and just taking a while to get updated.

I bet the problem really lies on the configuration of the tag. There is a setting on each alarm called “Time Deadband” which won’t allow the alert to get sent out until the it has been active for a certain period of time. Make sure your setting is set to 0 so it sends out right away. It could be set to 5 minutes or so.


The alarms do go out almost instantly, there is no dead-band, it’s just that the recipient mapping or email addresses don’t update.

I have two clients running side by side and changes to the tables in one client showup within a second or so in the other, so the tables are changing

However after I refresh the contacts tab on the “Manage Distribution Groups” page on the gateway to show the new changes, it seems to work immediately.

That’s how it seems but I’ve been fooled before.


Is there anything in the console that could help us out? Otherwise you will probably have to call in to our tech support.


With all the “Alerting” logs set to “All”

Every time I change the table from the client, the table changes but nothing in the consol

if I access the “Manage Distribution Groups” page or interact with it, each time the consul reports “Distribution group objects refreshed.”

I need that to happen each time I change my table.

Could it be that the notifications don’t read directly from the tables I’m accessing and these are copied periodically or on activity at the “Manage Distribution Groups” page, to elsewhere


Ok, I guess it is being cached. It is a newer feature of Ignition. So, in your case you just need to turn on a setting on the alert distribution profile called “Reload Periodically”. Set it to true and you will be good to go.


It’s all there! I just need to look.

it says:-

[i]“Reload Periodically”

If true, will periodically reload groups and contacts from the database. If the data tables will be modified directly in the database (ie. not through the gateway config interface), this must be enabled."[/i]

Thank you :smiley:

I’ll test it tomrow and let you know.



This works fine. maximum update rate is about once a minute so very quick changes don’t reflect but I don’t see any problems with this.

Many thanks again