Email Notification of Logs

Dear Team,

Hope you are doing well

Scope: Test by sending Email Notification of Logs whenever there is a warning, error etc… to Operator/Technician’s mail address

Requesting your support for the below mentioned:

  1. How to send the generated logs that contain warning or error flags to the end user’s mail address directly without any interactions by attaching the logs manually
  2. Is there any scripts to automate email notification whenever there is a log specific to Warning and Error

It would be grateful if you could provide some support and guidance.

I think maybe you are mixing terminology.

When you say Logs, do you mean Alarms, Audit Logs, or do you mean the Wrapper Log?

If what you mean is Alarms, then you can use Alarm Notification Pipelines to notify users of an event.

For Audit Logs, I suppose it would depend on how you have your Auditing Profile set up. There are possible ways to do it, but I’m not sure that it’s easily attainable from Ignition.

For Wrapper Logs, the only way I can think to do it would be to monitor the file and then trigger an email. Unless you are only worried about logs initiated by you as the programmer, in which case you would need to write a wrapper class around the logger, in order to take an additional action depending on the level assigned to the log.