Email notification on Tag not working

I want to use email notification for some tags. I already set up a pipeline and a Notification Profile.
I successfully tested this pipeline and notification profile. In my mailbox I received the test email.
After that I assigned the pipeline to a Tag. But here comes my problem. When the alarm is active I do not receive an email in my mailbox. I even don’t see any error messages in the Logs.
Is there one more step to take?? I don’t have any idea what to do.

Thanks in advance

How are you changing the alarm to test it? You might be encountering the ‘Notify Initial Events’ flag - if you’re editing the tag by opening the tag editor and changing the value, technically on the backend you’re recreating the tag, so the alarming system treats it as an “initial” event and doesn’t send out a notification. You can either change that setting, or make sure to trigger your alarm by directly writing to the tag, rather than “editing” the tag.

Be cautious with the initial events setting. If you leave it at false, you run the risk of not receiving alarms in certain situations. One of those situations is if your tag has either never changed before, which is definitely possible with digital tags. The other is if the tag is not currently in alarm, then the device goes into a comm failure which makes the tag go into a quality other than good, and while it is down, goes into alarm, then comms comes back up. In that scenario you wont receive a alarm notification either.

The alternative is if you set the notify initial events to true, then if you restart the gateway all of the existing alarms get re-sent. So kind of a catch 22 but I would prefer to get nuisance alarms on a restart than miss potentially critical alarms.