Email Notifications without SMTP Server

Is there any way I can set up email notification in ignition without using an SMTP server?

havent tried it but maybe using the sms or twilio module. I know with a phone you can sms to email.

I am using Maker Edition and it seems there is no option for SMS notification or using Twilio. Would you know of or be able to recommend a free SMTP server?

Free as in free software or a free email service?

why dont you use gmail?

Free for up to IIRC 100emails/day

Have used this myself on some sites

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I’ve been using sendinblue. Free account has 300 emails per day

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Sorry I think I got a bit confused there for a bit, what I am trying to do is get email notifications for users when they click a certain button, would you know the best way around this?

Kevin’s question was do you want

A) a free email server program that you have to install and maintain,
B) a free email relay service, like those mentioned above.

Depending on your actual email load, pick B.

Redacted setup for sendinblue:

Emails can be scripted into the button using

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Hi Jordan thanks for sending me this, I have it set up with my pipeline and alarm but when I test my pipeline it say there are no alarms in this pipeline, would you have any idea of what I could be missing?

I sorted that issue out, thanks for your time and help with the initial issue.

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Hahaha… I’m reminded of searching the extensive pile of HOWTOs on DigitalOcean for how to setup a mail server, the first hit is always why you may not want to run your own mail server.

Heh. Take DO’s advice. I run two mail servers (work and home). If I hadn’t gotten into it when it was simple(r), I’d certainly not do it now.

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