Email Notifications

Trying to setup alarm email notification for MS outlook. Refer screenshots. Test mail is unsuccessful. Appreciate help if anybody done this before.


The error message suggests you have the wrong credentials.

Given that your screenshot shows you're trying to authenticate as "Administrator" against the public mail server I'd wager that error message is correct...

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Thanks for your reply.

Get this error when no user is configured. So looks it user configuration is necessary.
Not sure what's the purpose of the user authentication and who it has to be.

javax.mail.MessagingException: Can't send command to SMTP host;
nested exception is: Connection or outbound has closed

Kevin hinted that there's likely no username called Administrator on a public SMTP server, and if there is, you probably don't know its password. You need to use a valid office365 username and password. The username will more than likely include a domain like

Should the username have admin or any special access to SMTP server or can be any regular user.


Any User. You'll need an account setup for you to use.

Or anyone could just send email with any thing in it to everyone all the time... Plus, Microsoft wants to charge for using their email service.

Well, maybe. It is typical for public mail servers to require the "From" address in an email match the credentials used to authenticate to the server. Ignition doesn't make the user do this, as many internal mail servers don't have this requirement (but usually only allow delivery internally). So be sure you set a proper "From" address everywhere you use a profile.

First check if you can use the system without a username. If you are sending from within the company network it may accept the mail without authentication. (This is the case in my organisation.)

If that doesn't work then test with your own credentials. If that works then ask your IT department to create a service account for you with a "never expires" password. Use that when ready.

Make sure that the emails themselves contain a "from" address that will lead back to the relevant server and script in the event that a malfunction (such as rapidly-repeating emails) causes mail problems. Failure to sort out flooding issues may result in loss or closure of your email system and could be costly for your business. We usually use something like

It will also make it look like someone competent and organised is running the show!