Email on Value Changed

Hello, all. I am trying to find any article that allows me to send an e-mail whenever a value is changed of a tag. The tag itself will go from 10 - 100, and when it’s something like 50, I want it to e-mail. However, I am not finding any good information on how to do this without setting it up as an alarm, but do not want to flood my alarm journal. Any help would be appreciated.

You can use an alarm notificaion

Or just use in a gateway tag change script.

“Gateway tag change script” is located on the tag properties itself?

No, here is the link to the docs page.

Within my Designer, under “Scripting,” I only have Project Library, and not Gateway Scripts like the link you have provided.

Are you on Edge?

I am on Edge, yes. Is there a way to accomplish this on Edge?

Gateway scoped scripts are gated behind the Edge Compute plugin:

I was not able to get this code to work but I did find a way to mode another snipped from reporting to work and add to a script behind a button if anyone is interested. I will post if someone would like to see it.

Sure; we would love to see your code. Go ahead and post it please.