Email test issue

Hello All,

Please help me figure this out I have all the email settings properly but still when I press for Test email I am getting the below error.

javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 465;
nested exception is: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Kartik I


Hi there.

I am getting the same issue regardless of whether I use my ISP SMTP config, my Gmail SMTP config or my MSN Live SMTP Config.

I can use these same settings for all of the above in my home PLC and email without issue all using either SSL or TLS without issue on the same home network and the same gateway / DNS settings as Ignition.

BTW I’m currently using Maker edition at home.

I have tested with all AV and firewalls turn off and no difference.


As your post stands “Test”, this should be only applicable for testing. This is only advisable in dev enviroment.

Have you tried with port 587?
Also, ones I had this problem and was my antivirus, I just completely disable all features.

Other verifications are:

  • Enable forward IMAP

  • In security: Allow less secure app ON

  • Disable 2 steps verification for your account


I went through all my test settings and firewall/AV stuff again.

It was my AV which was blocking me.

I needed to disable the Scan SSL settings in the Mail Settings.

See below on how to do this in Avast

In the current settings, the SSL scanning option is now in the Geek Area settings.

To access this, open the Avast antivirus application > click “Menu” in the top right corner > click “Settings” > click “Search” in the top right corner, or use the ctrl + f shortcut > type in geek:area and press enter.

To find this specific setting in the Geek Area, click “Search” in the top right corner, or use the ctrl + f shortcut > type Mail and select the “Mail Shield: Scan SSL connections” result.

Yes, AVs usually do this kind of stuff.
Good that it’s working now.