Email to SMS alarm acknowledge link

Just wondering if there was a way to use the alarm acknowledgement link with Email to text instead of using the sms or twilio modules. It appears that (End) gets added to the Email to Text message which breaks the link, not sure if that is carrier generated or soemthing that can be fixed on the Ignition side.

Carrier generated :unamused:

Have you guys tried adding white space after the link ? I am sure you have…

No worries, Twilio module works great. Would be awesome not to have to pay for the service though.

Sending an activation link using the email profile by way of SMS leaves your users with a link they can only click if their phone happen to be on the same network as the Ignition gateway (or the gateway is on the internet…). If that’s the case you might as well just use plain email.

its on the internet, but some guys want text message only.

I just tested it using the test email section by copying and pasting the message. I added a space then a dash and it properly formats the html link. It appears that if you put only whitepsace it parses it out.

Is that something you guys could fix, or have an option to put a final character/ers after the link?