Emaint API - Perspective Integration


I am extremely new to API’s. Although I have been able to call what I wish into Postman but I am having trouble on the perspective side.

I am trying to be able to query a table from Emaint. currently I am using system.net.httpclient to post data from a URL. Since emaint uses a JWT token, I am unable to get a good response so far. (I am guaranteed to be doing something wrong)

Emaint api:

Has anyone had luck with this? If so, do you mind sending parts of your code? (Without the token of course)

You need to authenticate with the /GetLoginToken end-point - it will give you back a token. You'll then hold onto this token and pass it along with your future requests.

We've done integration with a previous version of the X4 API, the v2 doesn't look that much different.
This is the smallest nugget of code I can share (it will need to be modified to work with v2 and the context/globals stuff will need to be removed).

class BaseX4Client(object):
	"""Base clase for REST API calls to eMaint X4."""	
	server = "https://x46.emaint.com"
	endpointQuery = '/wc.dll?x3~api~!&q='
	clientArguments = {'redirect_policy': 'ALWAYS'}
	validContexts = ['c', 'g']
	context = 'c'
	c_client = system.net.httpClient(**clientArguments)
	g_client = mussonindustrial.net.GatewayHTTPClient(client_id='eMaint', **clientArguments)
	def client(self):
		if self.context == 'c':
			return self.c_client
		if self.context == 'g':
			return self.g_client
	def setContext(self, context):
		"""Set the context (gateway/client) of the HTTP client."""
		if context in self.validContexts:
			logger.debugf('Setting HTTP client context to "%s"' % context)
			self.context = context
			raise ValueError("Context '%s' is not valid" % context)
		return self
	def getContext(self):
		"""Get the context of the HTTP client."""
		return self.context		
	def getWebMethodURL(self, webmethod, params=None):
		"""Returns an eMaint webmethod URL with optional parameters."""
		url = self.server + self.endpointQuery + webmethod	
		if params:
			url += '&' + urllib.urlencode(params)
		return url	
	def formatDate(date):
		"""Reformat a date into the format eMaint expects."""
		return date.toInstant().truncatedTo(ChronoUnit.MILLIS)
class eMaintLoginToken(BaseX4Client):
	"""A token used for authenticating eMaint Queries."""
	def __init__(self, useragent, username, password):
			useragent: Useragent to use for login.
			username: Username to use for login.
			password: Password to use for login.
		self.useragent = useragent
		self.username = username
		self.password = password
	def token(self):
		"""Read the token from the globals if it exists.
		If the token does not exist, get a new token."""
		if 'token' in self._getGlobals():
			return self._getGlobals()['token']
			return self._getGlobals().setdefault('token', self._newToken())
	def token(self, value):
		"""Set the token into globals."""
		self._getGlobals()['token'] = value
	def _getGlobalID(self):
		"""Get the unique global ID for the authentication token."""
		return hashlib.sha256((self.useragent+self.username+self.password).encode()).hexdigest()
	def _getGlobals(self):
		"""Return the globals stored for the authentication token."""
		geMaint = mussonindustrial.globals.getGlobals(globalNamespace)
		gAuth = geMaint.setdefault('auth', {})
		return gAuth.setdefault(self._getGlobalID(), {})
	def refresh(self):
		"""Refresh the authentication token."""
		self._getGlobals()['token'] = self._newToken()
		return self
	def _newToken(self):
		"""Get a new token from the web API."""
		logger.infof("Requesting a new authentication token from eMaint...")
		url = self.getWebMethodURL('GetLoginToken')
		headers = {
			'XT-UserAgent': self.useragent,
			'Username': self.username,
			'Password': self.password,
			'DataFormat': 'JSON'
			response = self.client.get(url, data={}, headers=headers).getJson()
			if response['valid'] == 'false':
				logger.errorf('Failed to login to eMaint with. Check username and password.')
				raise Exception('Failure to login to eMaint. Check username and password.')
				logger.infof("Successfully recieved a new authentication token from eMaint.")
				return response['token']
		except Exception as e:	
			logger.errorf('Invalid response from eMaint. Check internet connection and eMaint availability.\n{}'.format(e.toString()))
			raise Exception('Invalid response from eMaint. Check internet connection and eMaint availability.\n{}'.format(e.toString()))
	def __repr__(self):
		return '%s("%s", "%s", "%s")' % (self.__class__.__name__, self.useragent, self.username, self.password)

Thank you!