Embed 3rd party plugin in Perspective

Hi there
I am trying to make an info screen which is to contain an embedded facebook feed, not the whole page.
I cannot seem to find how to embed the plugin for facebook, or any other plugin for that matter. It is called many things, mostly plugin or iframe embed. It is how one would also embed a google map, or a youtube video in HTML along with just about any social media feed.

As far as I can tell, the markdown component does not work, even if html execution is on, and the internal frame embedder is designed for capturing an entire webpage in a slightly hacky way, and will not work for the these embedding snippets as they do not have their own actual page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is a statement that they do not currently exist.

Thank you


Note not all website allow it to be shown in an iframe. Facebook will not allow that (youtube neither)…

googlemaps surely works tho:

Not sure what url you used for google maps, but a generic link for google maps returns

10:58:01.260 [Browser Thread: 64524] ERROR Perspective.Designer.Workspace - level: LEVEL_ERROR
message: "Refused to display \'https://www.google.com/maps/@44.6928257,-91.5226622,6.09z\' in a frame because it set \'X-Frame-Options\' to \'sameorigin\'."
source: "http://localhost:8088/data/perspective/design"

From what I read, that x frame origin block is on their end, not perspective.

yes they block the iframes themself.
i used their link builder and trimmed away everything bu the src that it gives:

youtub actualy has something like that too. (just took an example of their dev site lol)

But fb doesnt:/

oh on i found one for fb

you’ll have to check the dev docs, not all pages are allowed in it.
just be sure to go to the iframe tab when you press “get code”

Thank you for your help. I was missing the IFrame grab for facebook

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