Embed Images In Emails

I would like to embed an image from Image Management into an email's body. I'm thinking this will require encoding it. However, I seem to be stuck as to how to actually get the images data from Image Management. I suppose this is something that will have to be done in the gateway scope. Any help would be appreciated.

I haven't tried it, but I imagine html would work.
Have you tried something like this?:

<html><img src='http://imagePath/imageName.png'/>

Only if the Ignition gateway is public and the email recipient has remote image display enabled.


I was kind of looking to embed the image in the email and not provide remote content. Also, I doubt that gateway is public. I know I could store the images as binary in a database but would like to avoid that since they already exist on the gateway.

You might be able to make an HTTP request to the gateway webserver in your script to get the image data, then encode it into a data URI to embed inline in your email.