Embed ready make html5 widget in perspective


I’d like to use chartjs charts in perspective. Right now perspective component is very limited.
The perspective should be able use them but I know have any idea how to embed those kind of html5 widget in perspective.
There are plenty of useful ready to use component in net.
Any step to step guide on how to insert them in perspective will be appreciated.


You would need to create a complete Ignition add-on module in Java.

It would be possible to do it in my RM SCADA module (new version about to be released) and AR SCADA module(already released). This will allow you to write your own JS components like chartjs and bind with a set of listed tags. Though this will not be inside perspective, it will be outside it in a plain HTML page.

Perspective’s component API is totally open and published through the Ignition SDK. Ignition modules can add components to the component library. This is how you would take a 3rd party library like chartjs and embed it.

That said, we are working diligently on expanding the component library, and enhanced charting is at the top of the list.


My new module RWS allows you to integrate your own HTML pages with such components and bind them with ignition easily see www.pramanj.com for more details of RWS module

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Can you develop a module that integrate such component in perspective view?

In my opinion perspective uses react js which works on virtual dom and I don’t think it’s possible to embed HTML elements and js directly into client pages. If it was angular it would have been possible to do so. Secondly I don’t know how python client libraries will work in perspective clients to do the tag binding and read write ? They have to give some sort of documentation or sdk for it . Perhaps they can throw more light on it