Embed tag values in alarm messages

Hi all,

First post here, and first time developing with Ignition. Got a question regarding embedding tag values in alarm messages.

I have a particular type of VSD, which I communicate with over Ethernet. When the drive faults, I pull back a fault code and generate a fault description string, so that instead of an operator reading “Motor ABC Drive Fault” and immediately pulling out his phone to call and ask me why the drive faulted at 2am, I can display “Motor ABC Drive Fault. Fault Code 123, Fault Description: Motor Overloaded” or something similar, and hopefully have him discover the cause of the problem on his own. If I’m feeling really generous I might even link him to a PDF of the drive manual’s fault codes and troubleshooting steps.

So, I have a tag UDT definition for this type of drive. It contains (among other things):

  • DriveFault (Boolean)
  • FaultCode (Integer)
  • FaultMessage (String)
    I can set up an alarm on the DriveFault tag, no problem. I can Set the DisplayPath to be tied to my “Motor Description” UDT parameter, so that the alarm text is prefaced with “Motor ABC” or whatever I’ve described this motor as. I can add “Drive Fault” to my Alarm Label/Name, so that the alarm will ultimately display “Motor ABC Drive Fault”. But what I’d like to do is set it up to display "Motor ABC Drive Fault. Fault Code: " {FaultCode} ", Fault Description: " {FaultMessage}.

Is this possible?

Using Ignition 7.9.9

Definitely possible,

You’ll need to do it as an expression, using a mix of UDT parameters and UDT tags. Parameters usually look like {this} and tags will look something like {[.]this} (depending on folder levels).

From the top of my head, if all the tags are within the root of the UDT, this should work as an expression on the alarm display path:

"{motorDescriptionUDTParameter} Drive Fault. Fault Code: “+{[.]FaultCode}+”, Fault Description: "+{[.]FaultMessage}

Terrific, thanks, I’ll give that a try!

Just for my own interest, would you put this text in the Alarm Label or the Alarm Name? The Alarm Label parameter seems to be a new addition as all the IU videos and documentation I’ve found doesn’t appear to show it or talk about it, meaning I’m not 100% confident on what its intended use is!

You need to bind it to the Display Path:

When you click the binding button, select Expression and copy the text in there, obviously updating the path to your motor description UDT parameter: