Embed VNC in Client

I’ve received a request to embed a VNC client in an Ignition Vision client (8.0.16). The purpose of this would be to monitor an OEM HMI (PanelView or similar on the same LAN) that is located in a different location on site. Is this possible, or is my best bet to use system.util.execute() to launch a VNC client with the target IP (xtightvncviewer linux command man page)?

It would only be possible by writing a custom module with the SDK or if a third party has already written a module like this (sounds vaguely familiar… not sure though).

Otherwise you’ll have to settle for launching an external VNC client.

I’m seeing 0 results for “VNC” in the Exchange so that looks like a no there. Thanks for the response.

The exchange is for components only that rely on modules (e.g. Perspective, Vision, or combinations of modules). The exchange doesn’t house modules themselves.
Components build functionality upon the foundation of modules, whereas modules provide new functionality and extend the bounds. You would be looking for custom modules from 3rd parties, which are not all housed on ignition’s website.

It might be worth taking a look at Apache Guacamole. I haven’t tested whether it will work within the Vision Web Browser module, and it would certainly require a bit more integration effort than a custom module (though perhaps it is just shifting effort towards one end to another). It is a pretty impressive VNC/RDP gateway with good, modern feature set that works with a web browser. In my previous life, we deployed it to create a secure remote access/testing solution complete with 2FA. I wish I had more conclusive evidence of its compatibility with your particular use case, but I wanted to share that project for others to discover nonetheless. If you end up trying it out and integrating it as a solution (or building a custom module too, of course), let us know!

That’s an impressive package. The part that looks most tricky would be the integration of Ignition’s authentication system.

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