Embedded Images in Report

Hello all,

I am looking for some guidance in creating a report filled with BMP files from a folder on my gateway. These are vision system quality images that I want to appear in sequential order. I have read that this can be done with the table coulmn and some keychain expressions, but does this work only for varbinary or blob paths in a SQL database? As for embedding the images, am I better off converting the image files to blob and storing in a database before creating the report - or is this a good way to do it?
There will be varying number of images and they need to have timestamp and location along with the images. (I get the timestamp from the image file name and the location will be correlated from a historical tag.

You can drag and drop images directly into the report - but if you want to build your report programatically (ie, using tables) then having them in a database as BLOBs is going to make formatting the report a lot easier:

Or script a data source that reads the files and delivers a dataset as if it came from a database.

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I have my SQL Server Table with timestamp, and the varbinary(max) column called “image”.
I made a table in the report with the timestamp and the image in an unstructured table.

The query data source looks like this with appropriate start and end times:

SELECT t_stamp, image, side
FROM Images_Solder1
WHERE t_stamp between ? AND ?

I used “image” without the @…@ and the images are not being displayed and when I go back to the design screen, Ignition designer freezes. I have a feeling that I am not formatting the blob correctly for the report designer.