Embedded Systems

So I have read a few topics about running clients on a raspberry Pi or Odroid. What I couldn’t find is if there was any clear winner out of all these small embedded PCs? I’m not looking for something hardened. This would just be sitting in an office environment. I am basically using them as thin clients whose only purpose is to have an ignition client.

Any suggestions would be helpful!


I was able to get Ignition to run on a RaspberriPi. However, due to a lack of memory it was very slow to start as in something like 5 minutes or more. Once it got going it work fine. I was just trying it out as a Digital Signage client. It may be possible to improve this performance with a specialized version of Linux. I did find one build called Raspbmc which allowed me to turn it into a multimedia/karaoke player using XMBC. Maybe something similar could be done for Ignition.

I had a quick look at Odroid and at first blush, that seems like it may work well. I’d give that a try if I were you. Get ready to have fun with Linux though.