Embedded view auto fit

Is there a way to auto fit embedded view to delete scroll bars and increase height value like image below ?

I use nested embedded views.


make the containers in the views responsive (percent based)
you can change scrollbar functions with the style prop overflow (but i doubt you will need it once you changed the other view)

How Can I do views percent based ?

You can either construct the View with a responsive container type (like a Flex container), or if you’ve already constructed the View with a Coordinate layout you can switch root.props.mode from “fixed” to “percent”.

I use only Flex and Breakpoint Containers.
It seems to work with method below :

  • Root Embedded View :
  • Called View (BreakPoint) : I have Embeded Views with configuration below
  • My last called View containing the table which is configured below

The final result :

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Ah, yes, if you’re using responsive containers then you just need to provide a reasonable basis for the content.