Embedded View Displaying Incorrectly/Inconsistently

I have a template that contains a custom analog indicator with an embedded custom analog value template below it (see attached pictures). I am trying to make it so that you can select whether or not you want the unit on the analog value to appear next to or below the value. This is being decided by a custom property on the page where the custom analog value is embedded that is passed to the analog indicator, that is then passed to the analog value via parameters. This works perfectly fine in the designer and the values appear as intended.
However, in the browser, nothing appears there for most of these indicators. A few of them do appear correctly, but 75% do not (the bindings are set up identically), and look like this:

So far, I’ve tried using a message handler that refreshes the binding that selects how it displays, and another that sets the toggles the way it displays (and a change script logger to make sure it is actually doing that), but still nothing appears there.


All of these are configured identically, but for whatever reason, some of them show up and others do not.

Any additional ideas would be appreciated!

Making sure just the useDefaultViewHeight was set to true fixed this issue.