Embedded view parameter may cause gateway faults (Message Too Big)

It appears that embedded view components use the built-in messaging system to pass parameters. This means they are limited to the default 2M limit. This can be a problem when passing in large datasets. Does anyone know a workaround other than having the bottom level's (nested embedded component) table load the data directly?


Websocket connection closed unexpectedly. code=1009, reason=Text message size [2165408] exceeds maximum size [2097152], codeMeaning=Message Too Big, codeDescription=The endpoint is terminating the connection because a data frame was received that is too large

Where is the Dataset being generated from?

Rather than passing the dataset, generate the dataset in the view (Or only pass the part of the dataset that is needed).

Have you tried setting the relevant parameters to "private" ?

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For context, this was in breakpoint container where the common code dealt with the context and filtering and the nested views displayed the data. It seemed a sensible way to set things up when we started.