Embedded view & scroll bar at web browser

My team have created a SCADA solution in Perspective.
The main view (coordinate container) has the following settings: width:1,400 height: 800, loading: mode: non-blocking; inputBehavior: replace
root: mode: percent, aspectRatio: 0.85:0.5.

We have placed embedded views of the needed objects inside the main view.
We tried our best to adjust each embedded view in size, playing with aspect ratio… so that when opening the solution on the web browser, all embedded views are seen and behave normal.

But unfortunately, when we resize the browser window (in different sizes and directions) at some of the embedded views a scroll bar appears, and in some cases is blinking (the scroll bar).
The scroll bar can be vertical or horizontal, we guess depending on resizing height or width.
We tested it in different screens (laptops, big screens…) in some it happens always and in others seems that not…

Then, if the height of the window it is “not enough” part of the embedded view stays hidden.

Can we get some tips or guidance in how to avoid this and solve this mystery?

I attached screenshots of the part affected at the embedded view, as example.


flex views or change your coordinates to percent or use calc()

The scroll bar … is what you mean, I think. You can edit your question to make it clear.

Thank you for your answer. Checking on those.
Percent we are using already.

I might be able to help more if you provide the json of you view (formated with </>)

ups., yeah, wrong word… :open_mouth: I edited… :ok_hand:

When you say use calc(), could you be more specific, please.
I do not find related info to this.

It’s a css function, that you can use in the style property of your objects:

You can use it to control programmatically where things go on your page.

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Is this a typo? If not, I want your monitor! Although 800 is a bit short haha

ok, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:

yep, it is a typo :laughing::see_no_evil: It is 1,400

I always set my aspect ratio to a binding to the page’s default size
Width + ‘:’ + height
Then if you change it you don’t have to change it as well

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As a vertical monitor, for those 50k lines functions…

Haha maybe 50k for VBA but hopefully not for Python

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Thank you for all your answers, we are testing :wink:

Keep it horizontal for one-lined python then !

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Oh yea calc() only works in coordinate containers with mode fixed.
All the other things igntion overwrites the position if its not a number

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