Embedded View set as Default Height does not work


I am facing strange issue with Flex container. I have view as Flex as root and its set at highest height. It has some embedded views placed within it with Use Default height checked on it. I also have WRAP enabled and it works well.

What’s happening right now is, when I launch the view, the embedded views placed in the view takes all the place present there which it should not.
Fr example height available is 600px and embedded view default height is 300px. When I launch view, the embedded view takes complete 600px(instead of 300px) and reverts back to 300px when I click on same navigation where the view is present. Please suggest why this happens.

Ignition version: 8.1.1

pic#1: See the height of Load and energy consumption card

pic#2: See height of same cards after navigating to same page

I think this was a bug that’s fixed in later 8.1 versions.

I see. So right now I have set basis of objects to a fixed value instead checking useViewDefaultHeight.

Does this means checking useViewDefaultHeight works well in later versions?

I am using v8.1.1 and cannot upgrade it. Could you give some suggestions here?

how so you cant upgrade?

There are 11 projects active on production, not sure what would cause if I do so

as long they already are in 8.1+ there shouldnt be any problems. But if you are unsure you can always first take a backup^^

Yeah I guess that’s what I have to do.

Currently I am writing an expression to the basis of repeater that updates for no of instances