Embedded Views not acting independently. View parameter changes affecting multiple embedded views

Embedded View
I have a Flex View with a single SVG element in the root container. The view has an object parameter called 'highlight' with a boolean member named 'enable.' One of the SVG colors is bound to view.params.highlight.enable with a Map transform to set the color according the state of the boolean.

Parent View
I have a Coordinate View with 10 embedded views all pointed at the Flex View described above. I have synced the parameters. If I manually toggle the highlight.enable boolean on various embedded views I see the following:

  • Only the first embedded view I created causes any changes, the rest do not respond to toggling
  • When the first embedded view is toggled, all embedded views change color

When I add logic to toggle the highlihgt.enable boolean via onPointerEnter/onPointerLeave events and launch the application, I see the same problem at runtime. I tried cycling the param's input/output state, and I have used print statements to verify that other parameters like equip id are unique when the event script is running.

I instead went with this direct binding approach and manual toggle to focus on the problem the best I could. The embedded views in the parent container were copy/pasted so I added a new embedded view object and pointed it to the Flex View and it is also experiencing this issue.

Please see this post: [BUG-6988]Embedded View "Template" Instance Behavior

We are aware of the issue with how svgs apply their settings based on their id and have an open ticket to investigate a fix.

It makes sense that it would be a bug with the SVG id's because I noticed that when I duplicate an SVG the id's within the elements stay the same.

Thank you, I went in circles with code that would work with container colors and not with SVG colors. I did get the SVG to operate properly, but in that instance all my visual objects were in a single SVG with unique id's. I've been circling this for 5 weeks not understanding what I was doing wrong/right.