EmbeddedView : Change of view with a script

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble with a view appearing

I created a scipt allowing me to retrieve the post name according to the folders of my sites
So Script = “PDL” or “PDL PTR 1”

according to this value, I would like to display the view that goes with what is in the “security” folder
(on the second screen)

So I wanted to know if there was a function already defined or how I could do?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m assuming this is a binding on the props.path.

The path has to be fully qualified, not just the name of the view so the result of your script needs to have the full folder structure included.

Assuming that Securite is a folder under the Views folder then the returned path would need to be



Securite/sec_mul/PDL PTR 1

Yes, it’s a binding on props.path

I will use as path:

But to bring up the view, I have to use a specific function?

No, if the path is valid, so long as it isn’t referencing the parent view, the embedded view should display the view the path points to.

It refers to the good path, but does not views sight…

I am surely making a mistake

Make sure the page is configured with that path
Then you should be able to navigate to it

I thought he was trying to change the path of an embedded view…

What you’re trying to do is not clear, maybe try explaining in french what your goal is ?
By the way, I sent you a pm the other day. I believe we’re working on the same solar farms !

ah yes my bad xd

Its good
I was only using a / at first and it doesn’t have to be