Embedding SVG causes image to be all black

I'm trying to embed an SVG on a perspective view, but for some reason when I try to embed the SVG (after dragging and dropping the file on the view), it comes out all black. If i choose "Save and link" it looks normal, but unfortunately i have no access to the individual SVG elements doing it that way.

Anyone know what's going on?


What version of Ignition? SVG embedding has improved dramatically in the newer versions. 8.1.23 is a good one to test your SVG in to see how it looks after an embed.


If you have a computer or VM you can install Ignition on I would recommend trying your SVG in 8.1.23 and see if it renders properly. I can tell you that all of my SVGs so far have rendered properly in 8.1.23.

Didn't work unfortunately.

Maybe share the SVG so others, including IA, can take a look.

This thread, Improved SVG Importing & Rendering, and Convert To Drawing - #26 by mperkins, might be a good place to post as well if you think Ignition is somehow to blame, although, as simple as your SVG looks, I bet it is something you did wrong in the process.

If that SVG had to be redrawn it shouldn't take but a few minutes. Not sure what you use, but try Inkscape.

Do you have any binding on the fill/paint properties of the elements anywhere in the SVG? Is the SVG using any type of advanced element such as gradients?

Changed the fill to "Swatch" instead of "Flat Color" in Inkscape and that fixed it.... Thanks everyone