EMM Does not accept plist format

I am currently trying to apply some managed configurations to our perspective apps on our domain.
I used the PList example in the documentation as we are only using IOS devices but the EMM doesn’t accept the formatting.
My p list looks like this:

Have anyone else had this problem? Is it an EMM specific error or is the plist template off? Am I perhaps missing something?

I looked into this and there are problems with certain EMM vendors stemming from formatting conflicts.

What EMM vendor are you using?

We have a ticket internally to consider potential changes to address this, but we are still determining the scope of EMM vendors that don’t support this formatting.

Also have the same problem. I am using Ivanti/MobileIron. I’ve had a support ticket open with them since early January and all they keep telling me is that they don’t support plists with nested dictionaries and to upload a plist that isn’t nested. I’ve kicked it around to 5 different support technicians and they all try and escalate it and engineering tells them the product (MobileIron) is working as designed and the app (Ignition) needs to be re-written to work with non-nested plists.

We are currently working with VMWARE to solve this but there has been no development in this matter on our side. They have asked me to contact inductive again.

I’ve updated our internal ticket with the information from this post. Contacting our Support Department would be the best way to get further information. I can note that the PropertyList docs from Apple seem to support the use of nested dict objects, but I may be misinterpreting.

Any update on this? I’m working with Ivanti/MobileIron and they will not support nested dict objects either and keep telling me to go back to the app vendor to have them accept a plist without nested dicts.



It’s in one of the dev team’s backlogs… I left a note that you’re inquiring again, but the “official” way to influence priority is via your support ticket, not the forum.