Empty strings in a Perspective table component

Hi all,

When binding a database table to a 8.1 Perspective table component, are empty strings passable to the table component?

Context if desired:

I’m using a named query to bind a database table to a Perspective view table component. My database table includes a column with empty strings. While attempting to bind, I ran into a configuration exception error related to “blank attribute” as well as am empty dataset. I replaced all empty strings and all nulls with “NA”. This got rid of the error and I’d like to make sure I understand why.

So, are empty strings not allowed in Perspective table components?


I don’t have any issues with Empty Strings. You’ll need to provide a screen shot of what your seeing and the code for any transforms you are using to modify the data structure for the binding. Also, provide the full error details will be helpful.

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Thanks for your response!

Oddly, I just returned to my script and edited it to replicate my original issue… and it no longer gave me problems with empty strings. No idea why. So that’s one less thing to be concerned with!