Enable Copy Perspective Table

Hello there,

just wanted to know how can I enable copy on a Perspective Table, because every time a select a cell an try to copy the cell value (Ctrl+C) or with right click and copy option, when I try to paste it, it is empty…

I search on the docs but I didn’t find something copy cells values…

I’ve just checked it in Designer with the default table and it seems to work OK.

With selection.enableColumnSelection : false the data copied to the clipboard is the whole row. e.g.,

With selection.enableColumnSelection : true the data copied to the clipboard is the selected cell. e.g.,

You can check the selection in selection.datawhile in Designer to see what’s going on.


Is this with the right click copy option, or Ctrl-C?


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Yeah in the designer there is the prop selection.data and show the value of the cell you are selecting, but… in my explorer, not in the designer, the copy option didn’t work neither ctrl + c nor right click -> copy

explorer? Is this your browser? Surely you’re not using Internet Explorer, even Microsoft abandoned that.

yeah sorry, I mean browser… I’m using Edge… because it is the standar in my work