Enable/disable keys depending on role

Customer has requested for the following requirement.

Application scope: Vision client

  1. If user login as operator role then Window key, Escape key and Alt key must be disabled.

If user login as Administrator role then Window key, Escape key and Alt key must be enabled.

can anyone give some idea to implement this

I have no idea, but I edited the title for something that might catch the eye of someone who knows.
In the future, try to find a title that describes the issue, because pretty much everything people ask here is because of a "customer requirement".

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Sounds like the customer wants kiosk mode, but only sometimes. I don't know if that is possible (to make kiosk mode conditional). This isn't really an Ignition issue, but a Windows issue, as Windows ultimately controls what is possible. (And outside of kiosk mode, I don't think you can block security-related key sequences like Ctrl-Alt-Del.)


If you want to venture beyond Ignition and hack something together, you might try playing with AutoHotKey to enable/disable certain keyboard keys, and use a script in Vision to start/stop the AHK script. I've never tried it so can't guarantee anything but might try some searching on the AHK forums.

One place to start:
Disable left windows key on Windows 11 with AHK 2 beta 3 - AutoHotkey Community