"Enable/Disable" Problem with Containers

I have enjoyed using Ignition’s container feature, which enables a large amount of repetitive work to be avoided. I recently worked on a project where I had a container full of labels and displays which would be active if a certain piece of machinery was online. I used the disable/enable function to do this.

I have noticed that when I link a tag to an “Enable/Disable” property in a container, all the objects within the container become disabled. It’s a handy feature, so I don’t have to link every little object inside with a tag, to enable or disable them. The problem is, once the objects within have been disabled, they will not re-enable when the container is re-enabled. I assume this is a bug, otherwise there would have been no point in programming the disable function to apply to objects within a disabled container. Fixing this would save me a lot of work in the future…

See this thread.

We have an overhaul to the component security system slated for the 7.5 timeframe which will address this.