Enable Xtrace when entering the easy chart field

I am trying to find an easy way to change the Easy Chart mode to xtrace when the mouse has entered the chart area. There are 8 charts on the page and I would like each chart to be in xtrace mode when the chart is in focus instead of choosing from the pop up window. I tried to find a component property in the event handler that controls this mode, but what I did find changed the Easy Chart from realtime to historical and manual. Has anyone done this?


There is an unsupported method for doing this: setMode
But if you use this, you should set Show Popup? to false (because the method doesn’t update the popup menu) and be aware that this may break in future Ignition releases (tested in 7.6.4).


#4 is X-Trace mode
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Thanks. That worked great.

Should this work on a "classic "chart as well (as opposed to the easy chart).

Any plans to make this a supported method?

Just tested this and it also works with the classic chart. But as adam said, this is an undocumented function and therefore there is always a chance that it could be changed in the future without notice. It also does not update the popup menu as mentioned.